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Spread the Word

The best way for us to ensure we have a successful Kickstarter is to make sure we get the project in front of as many people as possible! Although we will be doing our best to share and market the Kickstarter ourselves through social media advertising—the most effective way to spread the word is by sharing it organically.

We’ve gathered some of our best resources below for you to use on your social media platforms. We thank you for your support and can’t wait to send you our first set as soon as we receive the first batch—completely on us! Together we can make this project a reality!


Your help will be crucial to making this project a reality so we greatly appreciate all the support.



The images below will be perfect to upload to your Instagram or Facebook feeds as well as on your Instagram Stories! However you choose to help spread the word just be sure to tag us @versesco on Instagram and use the hashtag #versesco.